Practical Affiliate Marketing Tips – Things You Can Automate in Your Affiliate Business

There are many things that you have to consider when you are operating your own business. One of the biggest advantages that the affiliate business has is that you will be able to automate certain process of your business so that you will be able to free up more of your time to do more important things. So what are some of the components that you can automate in your business?

The first thing that you can automate is the following up with your customer. You will want to make use of a professional tool call autoresponder which will enables you build your list and do auto follow up with the customers. When you are setting up your autoresponder, you will be able to put several emails messages in advance and set the days when your subscribers will receive the email from you the day when they join your list. This will be good for you as you will be focusing more of your time on sending more traffic to your website so that you can get people to join your list.

The second thing that you can automate is the marketing process of your business. If you are making use of article marketing, social bookmarking or more as the main strategy to drive traffic to your website, you will be able to make use of software that will enable you to distribute your content or bookmarks to large amount of websites so that it will saves you time. The only thing that you will want to check is to make sure that you are using good software that will help you to distribute your marketing materials effectively.

The third thing that you can automate is the accepting of payment and delivery of products to the customer. As you will be mostly promoting information products online, the customers that you have referred will be able to receive the products almost immediately once they have purchased the product. The affiliate networks that you have joined will be able to automatically identify your cookie and recognized you as an affiliate so that they can credit the commission to your account.

Here are all the things that you can automated so that you will be able to focus more of your time on marketing. You will definitely want to invest your money on good autoresponder as having your own list of subscribers is important for your business. Do analyze your own business and automated those you can automate so that you can spend more time on growing your business.

Business – Securing Your Financial Health – 10 Ways You Can Save Money and Increase Profit

As a solo professional, you are dealing with investing your own time, energy and money on a daily basis. Your profit is therefore based on the number of billable hours you complete less your expenses. You can reduce your expenses to increase your profit if you are wise. Following are ten specific things you can do to save money in your practice:

1. RESEARCH – There is so much competition in the marketplace that investing a little bit of time to research your options can often save a great deal of money for you. Telephone plans, office equipment or insurance rates are good examples of costs which can greatly vary in price. Sometimes an internet search or a telephone call will help you to find a “better deal”. You need to be careful however, that the goods or services are the same and that you do not risk losing benefits in the name of price.

2. NEGOTIATE – My son-in-law is a salesman who negotiates EVERYTHING. Sometimes my daughter is embarrassed when he asks for a discount on items but he usually gets one. Most companies and employees have the ability to reduce prices. All you need to do is ask.

3. UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEEDS AND WANTS – Before you buy anything ask yourself “Do I really NEED this?” The answer will involve a process of determining the number of times you will use the item and whether another less expensive one will do just as well. This is about getting your business and personal needs met and not about filing your ego.

4. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TIMING – Most items are less expensive at certain times of the month or year. Buying a car, for example, can be less expensive at the end of the month (if the salesman wants to meet a quota) or in the fall (when the new models arrive). You might want to purchase office supplies in August when the back-to-school sales are on. Also, your accountant will help you to schedule larger purchases to obtain the best tax benefits.

5. BUY IN QUANTITY – Sometimes you can save a great deal of money by making bulk purchases. Buying two cases of paper instead of one might be a good saving. Placing an order in a specified amount might result in you not having to pay shipping. Even signing contracts for longer periods of time might provide discounts for you. the key, of course, is that you ensure that you really need the products or services and are not investing your money into things that will not provide you full benefit to your business.

6. AVOID INTEREST COSTS – It is very important that you pay all of your bills on time. Companies might charge you as much as 30% interest on late or unpaid bills and it doesn’t take long until the amount you owe them is doubled. You can actually save thousands of dollars a year by paying your credit card balances in full each month or having a lower-rate line of credit instead. Interest is toxic in that it eats away at your profit.

7. KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES OF PENALTIES AND SERVICE FEES – Banks tend to charge a number of fees to maintain accounts and if you are not aware of these, you can pay a number of costs that are not necessary. Check your bank statements and question anything that is listed. There might be a different plan that would better suit your needs for a lower cost. Also, be aware of penalties and late payment charges. You might pay $50.00 in addition to interest for late payment of a credit card (and lose your reputation and lower interest rate) or as much for a NSF cheque. Sometimes the fees are more than the initial payment! Be careful!

8. CONSIDER WAYS YOU CAN EARN ADDITIONAL INCOME – Are you using your office all the time or could you possibly rent it out to another professional? Over the years I have paid at least half of my lease each month by sub-letting the office on specific days of the month. An added benefit is that having someone else use your office space keeps you out of it! You are not tempted to work too hard when you have someone else using your space. As well, you might create additional income by writing a book, contracting paid speaking engagements or charging clients for handouts and/or photocopying.

9. KEEP IT SIMPLE – The more paperwork you do – the more expensive it is – for purchase of paper and ink, storage and accounting fees. Also, other professionals charge by the hour so the more you meet with them or contact them, the more you will pay. Ask what they need from you and provide with for them without all the details or “chit chat”. Remember, their clock is running!

10. HIRE FAMILY – I have two of three children and four of six grandchildren who work with me. They are always so creative in showing me how their skills and abilities can be used to prosper my business. When you hire family, you provide them with income, develop loyalty and understanding about your career and help them to learn professionalism. You can also consult with your accountant about how their work hours might be a tax deduction for your business.

President Harry S. Truman had a sign on his White House desk that stated “The buck stops here”. As a solo professional, you also have the responsibility to make decisions that will help to reduce expenses and increase profit.. Be wise for the buck stops with you!

Choosing a Name For Your Business – It Does Matter, Especially Online – How to Rank High on Google

The name of any business speaks volumes, but when it comes to potential customers finding you online, a name without what are called “keywords” or “keyword phrases” will be virtually invisible to those who aren’t already familiar with who you are. Why is this? Google and Yahoo search engines, for example, rank any article, video, website, blog, etc. based on a complicated algorithm of variables, that when combined properly almost guarantees as close to a first page ranking as possible.

This is very important because people often just look at the first few entries of the first page they come to on a search, and if the information they are looking for is not there, quickly move on and Google another search phrase. There are two factors to think about when publishing your website. You have to put as many keywords or keyword phrase as possible in the content of your web pages that are relevant to your business–and in the name of your website itself. Silly repetition of these words is not good either, however, so make sure that your keywords are suited for what they are supposed to describe. Here are some tips.

There are several free sites online that are devoted to keyword research. One of these is called “NicheBOT Classic.” These sites give figures on the amount of times a particular word or phrase comes up in online searches on a daily and monthly basis. If you are selling hamburgers, for instance, the word “hamburger” comes up in people’s searches a few thousand times a day. This word is almost used too frequently, however, because there are thousands of businesses that use it. You will have to find a popular niche phrase that separates your hamburgers from the crowd, for example, something like, “Best Hamburgers in Atlanta.” If you spend some time familiarizing yourself with this vital research tool, your efforts will be worth the time invested in increased sales and profits. Your domain and website name do make a difference. Choose one well and rank as high as you can on Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines.